What are the opening hours of the station?
The station can be visited by car 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
How and when do I pay to park occasionally?
At the entrance, you receive your ticket by pressing the ticket request button on the ticket dispenser on your left, with the date and time of your entry to the station. You keep your ticket until you leave the station with your car.
Park your car and leave, using the nearest elevator or the stairs.
You pay when you return to pick up your vehicle:
- at the station cashier office or
- at the 'automatic pay machines' in the basement (-1 level) by the cashier office or at the first entry/exit of the station closest to the street.
  To pay at the 'automatic pay machines', please follow the next steps, in the order below:
      - enter the ticket into the ticket slot, 
      - see the amount owed displayed on the screen,
      - pay with coins or bank notes of  5, 10, 20 euro, inserting them into the relevant slots and
      - receive your  ticket (for use at the exit), your receipt and any change due.
        The change is
 returned to the 'coin return tray' at the bottom of the machine.

At the exit, from your driver's seat, insert the ticket into the ticket slot of the exit machine on your left, wait for the exit bar to lift and leave driving.

In case you need any assistance, you can always push the 'intercom communication request' button on the right side of the 'ticket dispenser machine' as well as of the 'exit machine', used to establish an intercom call to the operator.