To  PLATANOS PARKING you park easily, comfortably and  safely!
  • Total Land Area: 16,143 sq.m
The parking station’s characteristics that make the difference:
  • Over 600 parking slots in 6 underground levels, allow you to find always on time the parking space of your choice (Standard, VIP, special care).
  • Dual entry and exit ramps to enter and exit without delays.
  • Wide gently sloping ramps from one level to another for easy access.
  • Parking slots for all kind of needs: long cars, motorcycles, special care  needs.
  • Reliant - self handled (automated entry-exit gates, automatic payment machines).
  • Advanced, automated card system for prompt service.
  • (3) Stairwells & (2) elevators.
  • Ability to enter / leave 24 hours a day.
  • Hospitable waiting area for our customers.
  • Above ground shaping of the square with green spaces. 
Also, coming soon:
  • EV charging station (Battery charging system for electric cars).
  • Car Wash. 
  • Platanos dry cleaning - drop off.
  • Bike Sharing.
Spatial location advantages PLATANOS PARKING:
  • By the Platanos Square and Platanos Square Grove (where  exhibitions held during the year with the top one this of the Flowers).
  • Right in the center of the city of Kifisia:
    • 150 m from the terminal Kifisia ISAP.
    • 150 m from the commercial center.
  • Quick and easy access from and to main roads.